Stem Cell Day!!

Today, February 14, Valentine’s Day, is day zero as they call it in the bone marrow transplant wing of Moffitt.  Day zero because the chemotherapy has killed Jean’s white blood cells, along with other collateral damage, and the transplant of her stem cells will take place.  As a matter of fact, they are prepping her for that right now, 1:15.  She is in her hospital bed, hooked up to a machine to her port. The lab specialist just brought in her stem cells, three bags of them.  They will hang from a hook attached to the monitoring machine and will drip into her port.  They take about 15 minutes per bag. And….. that is the transplant, baby stem cells that will divide and become white blood cells, platelets, and red blood cells.  It takes about ten days for her immune system to rebuild enough not to be severely at risk.  It takes about a year for it to rebuild to normal.

Jean is doing well.  She hasn’t had a lot of reaction to the chemotherapy yet.  We have been told that it takes about 5 days for her to not feel well from that.  Also, it takes 5 to 10 days for her to lose her hair.  She has arranged for a buzz cut on Monday.  She continues her let’s just get it done attitude, and sees herself well at the end of it all.

I’m sitting off to the side of the room typing this, my wife is lying in bed getting a stem cell transplant, talking to the nurses, laughing with them, refusing medications for nervousness because she “doesn’t need them”, and just being amazing.


22 Responses

  1. Jean is AMAZING!! We can all learn so much from her. Keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers!

    Bobby & Traci

  2. This is a Valentine’s Day that surely you two won’t ever forget but by this time next year, you’ll be celebrating it far away from any hospital bed! I’m so glad she is still doing well and that she hasn’t had too much pain. Jean is definitely amazing but she has a wonderful husband by her side, too. This is a day of love and clearly you two have it no matter where you are. All my prayers and love to you guys. XOXO


  3. Go, Jean Go.

  4. Mike, we’re so thankful to have these detailed accounts. We’re there, even if not physically so, and that’s a real blessing. And…I don’t think I have ever read a more loving valentine than this one. Your love for her pours from your words; and hers for you, in her fight.

  5. Reading your update somehow sounds like a beautiful love story on Valentine’s Day.

    Jeannie continues in my prayers.

    When I think back to the Knight family growing up, it was a place of laughter. I am not surprised that Jeannie is being joyful even during difficult time.

    Best to you all today.

  6. What an amazing love story you two share!!! It doesn’t get much more real than this! Thanks for keeping us updated on JEan’s progress and for being our arms when she needs a hug!

  7. Jean, Mike, you are inspirations to us all. God Bless. ♥ ♪♫♫

  8. Praying for you, Jean!!! You are one tough lady, an inspiration to all!
    Jo Marie

  9. Your continued strength amazes us! We love and think about you every day. Thank you, Mike, for keeping us connected.


    Shannon and Connie

  10. Your courage and determination continue to amaze us! We love and think about you every day. Thank you, Mike, for keeping us connected to our dear friend.


    Shannon and Connie

  11. What a Valentines Day! OF course you both will continue in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, this Summer, we’ll have a pool party to celebrate!

    Don & Kathy

  12. Dearest Jean,
    You are one of the strongest and most amazing women that I know.
    It has been 10 years ago today since Rick had his surgery to remove a brain tumor. An unforgettable day for us……. and look at him now! Still raising cain in the neighborhood. We count our blessings each Valentine’s Day and every day. I know 10 years from now you too will be looking back and saying WOW, “Look at us now”! Hang in there my friend. Praying for you and loving you each step of the way.
    We are close by if you or Mike need anything.
    Love and huge hugs,
    Debbie and Rick Hice

  13. I’m not amazed at all. She is the strongest and bravest woman I know next to my own mother. Praying for her to feel well fast. Happy Valentines Day and I’m sending Jean and you all love on this day zero! 🙂

  14. You are both amazing, what an inspiration…thinking of you often and praying for strength and peace.

  15. Little Brother, today’s entry needs a kleenex. You’re an amazing husband. Wish I was there to give you a hug. Jean is definitely a “Wonder Woman”, strong and fearless. Thanks for keeping us posted and know that our prayers are with you both. She has set quite an example for others with her faith and positive attitude. Please give her a hug for us. We love you both.

  16. I don’t think a sister could be any prouder of a sister in law and brother than I am of you two. You are an amazing couple and I love you both very much. Attitude plays such a big part in this and you both are so positive. I believe so much in the Power of prayer and will keep praying and thanking God for the miracle that we are going to see in this healing. Thank God for these doctors and the staff that have so much wisdom and are going to help make our Jean well again. Betty

  17. Keeping up the positive thoughts. Hang in there, Jean and Mike. Love, Erica

  18. Thank God for you both! As this transplant takes place, you can begin to see a new work in Jean’s life as this complicated body system regenerates, heals itself, and grows to replenish into something new and fresh. Mike, you have witnessed God’s handiwork in its most intricate form during this process. As Jean’s body recovers over the next days and months, you can enjoy a renewed life with each other and cherish every day! Remember Phillipians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! We love you, Bro’.

  19. Wow. So glad to hear that thing are going so positive. That is what we will keep praying for. Thanks for the regular updates. As for the homefront, got cold here this week. In the 20s but warming up now.

  20. Unbelievable process and so wonderful to hear how Jean’s spirit continues to be a “get on with it” type of outlook. What an inspiration the two of you are. Mike, your support and faith is without doubt what love and commitment means in a marriage. Jean, I can see your smiles and wit, and know you can overcome this with the prayers and thoughts from all of your friends, family and loved ones. Bev S.

  21. my second son was in the hospital the entire first year of his life. No one could tell me what was going to happen. I really did not want any opinions. I just trusted that each step was the next one towards getting better and moving on.. Today Sean has his Phd in pharmacy. Positive energy and faith are what got him there… God Bless.

  22. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mike. Keep hanging in their Jean – you are one tough lady. Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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